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Lumina Learning Team

Our Board

Dr Stewart Desson

Lumina Learning Global, CEO

Our Team

Anne Marie Dancy

Lumina Learning Partner, United Kingdom

Dan Desson

Lumina Learning Global, Marketing

Dan Seale

Lumina Learning Global, Commercial

David Brown

Lumina Learning Global, Software Developer

Dr Stewart Desson

Lumina Learning Global, CEO

Jane Armytage

Lumina Learning Global, Business Delivery and Marketing

Jianzu Guan

Lumina Learning Global, System Development

Jo Musialek

Lumina Learning Global, Executive Assistant to the CEO

Jonathan Cannon

Lumina Learning Global, Product Development

Josh Swabey

Lumina Learning Global, Design

Julie Ensor

Lumina Learning Global, Product Development

Laura Manning

Lumina Learning Global, Finance

Laura Pollock

Lumina Learning Global, Commercial

Madhavi Gonuguntla

Lumina Learning Global, System Development

Naomi Withey

Lumina Learning Global, Business Delivery

Nicole Hill

Lumina Learning Global, Business Delivery

Pratikto Ariestyadi

Lumina Learning Global, System Development

Rodica Petrea

Lumina Learning Global, International Business and Finance Manager

Sebastian Steele

Lumina Learning Global, Service Delivery Executive

Stuart Olive

Lumina Learning Global, Business Delivery

Suzanne Lawrence

Lumina Learning Global, Finance

Tom Desson

Lumina Learning Global, Legal and Compliance

“Let’s not label people, let’s not limit people, let’s look at them as who they really are. Let’s encourage people to be the contradictions that they are and have these different, opposite qualities in them.”

Dr Stewart Desson

CEO & Founder of Lumina Learning

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Lumina Learning is a global network of skilled experts and practitioners operating in more than 40 countries all over the world.

City & Country (C&C) are a development company which re-imagines listed buildings to create exceptional places to live and work. Seeking a solution for their expanding sales team, Lumina Select was bought in.

In 2017, NG Bailey used Lumina Spark to develop a Leadership, Engagement and Performance training programme for their people.

Lumina Learning helped RCL FOODS, the leading food producer in South Africa, to engage and unite its workforce, develop authentic leadership, and drive team collaboration.

A single leadership programme intervention has progressed to implementation at a number of jurisdictional School Boards, schools and educational settings.

We are working to create a long-term strategy addressing some of the underlying challenges for vulnerable populations to access meaningful employment.

Havas Group has worked with Lumina Learning to successfully embed Lumina Spark, Lumina Emotion, and Lumina Leader 360 in a number of global talent development initiatives.

Lumina Learning developed a Lumina Team programme for Tesco. It focused on self-understanding and increasing interpersonal awareness within the team.

Association of Business Psychology Award for Coaching & Training Excellence for Athena Professional

The CEO of LIXIL identified an urgent need to increase the company’s global competitiveness, and Lumina Learning was used to promote collaborative growth.

A leading university in Mexico replaced the general knowledge test with Lumina Spark to promote self-awareness in more than 40,000 students.

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There is a genuine family feel amongst the Lumina Learning community. And that really comes from the top, from Stewart Desson and the team – their values and their commitment not only to the product, but to the people who use it.

Nicola Jones

Director, Athena Professional