Heineken Case study
Inclusivity And Diversity (D&I) Personality Assessment Psychometric

With Lumina Spark, Heineken cover behaviours such as communicate inclusively and develop self-awareness to address unconscious biases.

How Lumina Learning helped Africa’s Largest Sugar group
Individual Development Leadership Development Team Development

Having embarked upon a new Leadership and Employee development programme, Illovo Sugar turned to Lumina Learning for support.

The Children’s Society
Team Development

TCS with its self-awareness tools ensures skills within Senior leadership team and works towards team development.

Demonstrating a modern, inclusive and tech-able personality tool used across industry
Digital Transformation Individual Development

UWE Bristol has partnered with Lumina Learning uses Lumina Spark as a personality tool to support student learning and student development. ­

Leading in a Crisis
Leadership Development

The APAC Leadership community identified the need to be trained virtually on aspects of Leading in a Crisis uses Leader 360 for self-assessment

Helping the NHS reduce conflict through mediation
Individual Development Team Development

Helping the NHS reduce conflict through mediation, Lumina Spark portraits are examined by focussing on Overextended Persona.

Creating Successful leadership transitions for Exeltis
Leadership Development

Creating Successful leadership transitions for Exeltis – A case study discussing about the leadership journey program.

Taking the Lead – Boosting collaboration through behavioural change
Individual Development

The National Association for AONBs have guided staff through psychometric profiling to enable behavioural change and a collaborative culture.

KFAS Innovation Programme – A Bespoke Project
Individual Development Leadership Development

KFAS identifies Lumina Learning solutions in enabling innovation in youth and business and upskilling Kuwait’s private sector employees.

Leadership Development Team Development

Business coaching at Adidas incorporating Lumina tools helped transform relationships and improve employee engagement.

City & Country (ABP Award Winner)
Influence And Sales Talent Management & Selection

City & Country finds Lumina Select as the essential tool in the recruitment process to select right candidate.

NG Bailey
Awards Leadership Development

NG Bailey used Lumina Spark to create a leadership training programme (LEAP) for existing and new line managers using Lumina Spark.

Leadership Development Team Development

RCL FOODS uses Lumina Spark to deepen understanding of self and others in a dynamic way through one-one and group coaching sessions.

Ontario Schools
Awards Leadership Development

Ontario school boards Lumina Spark & Lumina Leader for self-reflection and growth both in personal and professional leadership.

Vulnerable populations
Inclusivity And Diversity (D&I) Support Talent Management And Selection

Lumina Learning solutions for improving employment opportunities and social development for vulnerable populations.

Havas Group
Leadership Development Talent Management And Selection

Havas has worked with Lumina Learning to enhance their global talent development programmes in both programme design and execution.

Individual Development Team Development

Developing high performing teams at Tesco. Lumina Learning worked with Tesco to develop a Lumina Team programme.

ABP Workforce Experience Award
Awards Talent Management And Selection

Athena Professional won the Association of Business Psychology Award for Coaching and Training Excellence using Lumina Learning solutions.

LIXIL Corporation, Japan
Leadership Development Team Development

Team-building and leadership, and culture-change programmes with Lumina Spark and Lumina Leader at Lixil, Japan.

EBC University, Mexico
Individual Development

EBC University in Mexico carried out student personality profiling with Lumina Spark to help their students to make right career decisions.

The Civil Service Commission
Leadership Development Team Development

Senior Leadership Programme for The Civil Service Commission (Midrasha) in Israel through a personality assessment and 360 feedback.

Johanniter Unfallhilfe
Inclusivity And Diversity (D&I) Individual Development Influence And Sales

Johanniter Unfallhilfe adopts Lumina Learning frameworks to help the organisation embed the culture of diversity in the workplace.

Influence And Sales

We worked with UniPartners-run by students, to help them ‘speed read’ potential clients, build rapport, and win business.

The Police Department, Texas USA
Individual Development Influence And Sales

Personality assessments tools at Texas Police Department helps predicting stressed/overextended behaviours.