Using Lumina Spark to support Student Learning and Self-Development

UWE Bristol has partnered with Lumina Learning to offer the experience of Lumina Spark as a personality tool across postgraduate and undergraduate psychology programmes, in order to support student learning and student development. ­


For the last few years, our MSc Occupational Psychology cohort (approximately 20 students each year) have had the opportunity to complete a Lumina Spark assessment and receive a full Lumina Spark Feedback Report.


With growing success and positive feedback from the MSc cohort, In the last year our BSc Psychology Level 1 cohort (approximately 200 students) have had the opportunity to complete a Lumina Spark assessment and receive a bespoke Lumina Spark Development Report focusing on communication, teamwork and leadership skills.


What did UWE Bristol want to achieve by incorporating Lumina Spark into the MSc Occupational Psychology programme?

As part of the MSc Occupational Psychology at UWE Bristol, the module of Psychological Assessment at Work focuses on an understanding of theory and practice in applying psychological assessment techniques in the workplace. A specific example of a psychometric assessment was needed to help students understand the development of psychological assessment and to encourage critical evaluation of the nature of psychometric tests.


The key aim of Introducing a personality assessment as part of the Psychological Assessment at Work module was to help students to understand the theory, background and application of psychometrics within the workplace and support student learning. Lumina Spark was introduced as an example of a modern psychometric tool that can be used by organisations in selection and development contexts, looking at personality and behaviour across 24 trait-based Qualities and the Three Personas which demonstrate personality as dynamically capable of change.

What did UWE Bristol want to achieve by incorporating Lumina Spark into the BSc Psychology programme?

The BSc Psychology at UWE Bristol has a strong practical focus and helps students in building professional skills. The first-year module of Psychology in Action, aims to Introduce students to a range of psychological perspectives and explore how psychological theory can Inform applied Interventions. As part of this, there is a focus on reflection and development of academic, professional and personal skills.


The key aim of introducing a personality assessment Into the Psychology in Action module was to help students to identify their own strengths and development areas as well as to help them discover practical actions for Improved communication, teamwork and leadership. Lumina Spark was introduced as a tool to enhance self-awareness and support students develop their approach to group tasks and team-working across the module.



MSc Occupational Psychology Programme Student Feedback  

95% of respondents felt Lumina Spark had supported their learning within the Psychological Assessment at Work module.

Student’s expressed that Lumina Spark provided a valuable example of a modern psychometric tool that supported their learning the following ways:

  • Completing the assessment helped to understand the process of test administration
  • Reviewing Lumina report results in relation to understanding own personalities and reflect on their own strengths and development areas
  • A useful example for considering type and trait personality models
  • Considering the validity and reliability of a widely used psychometric tool
  • Understanding how personality assessments work

When asked what they enjoyed the most about using the Lumina Spark tool a number of students reported that the output’s visual presentation, particularly the Splash Mandala was both comprehensive and clear. Additionally, many students enjoyed the visuals and interactive features within the Lumina Splash application.

MSc Occupational Psychology Programme Lecturer and Practitioner Feedback

Students had the opportunity during a workshop, to discuss the use of Lumina with an experienced psychometrician and Lumina Practitioner.  One of the key messages arising from this discussion was that Lumina Spark was a digitally native personality assessment, that has leveraged technology to enhance the quality of the interface in a way that many personality assessments that have evolved from a pen and paper format have not.

On a similar note, a university lecturer describes the benefits of students seeing a strong, example of a modern personality assessment as an alternative to the traditional personality assessments.


BSc Psychology Programme Student Feedback

Students reported that Lumina Spark was beneficial for self-development, identifying development areas to focus on and to help improve teamwork and leadership skills.

Students enjoyed the colours and visuals within the report, alongside the comprehensive nature of the final report.



“Great experience, really nice assessment, enhanced my learning on the Psychological Assessment at Work module, love the use of colour and the feedback” – MSc Psychology Student


“The app is a great interactive way to look at the results” – MSc Occupational Psychology student


“I think this will be a report that I can draw upon when building an action plan to improve my leadership and team working skills. I think I will be re-visiting it from time to time to remind myself of the weaknesses identified that I should work to address and also to see where I came from later, once I manage to improve, as with gradual change people often don’t see the progress they have made” – BSc Psychology Student


“It’s good for the students to see a strong example which is an alternative to the traditional methods of personality assessment at the work context” – Psychology Lecturer


‘It’s useful to see a real-life example of the tool as it helps to put the discussions we have in context’ – MSc Occupational Psychology student


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